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"We put the family love in house cleaning."

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Family Team

Our Procedure:

  1. Choose between a free over the phone house cleaning estimate or a free in person house cleaning estimate.
  2. Call, text, or email and specify the house cleaning services you seek.
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  3. Schedule your house cleaning for a preferred date and time.
  4. Choose your preferred method of payment:
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  5. Enjoy your cleaned home!

Why Becas' Cleaning Services?

We are a family owned house cleaning business. We named our business Becas’ Cleaning Services after my mom and I. Beca is a nickname for both of us since we are both named Rebeca. We founded our family’s house cleaning business as a team and to this day our team could not be stronger.

Why a family business?

As a family owned business, we offer our clients the experience of a professional business while staying true to direct communication. When you reach out, whether by phone or email, you will reach us directly. We know how much you value trust when it comes to house cleaners entering your home, which is why every house cleaning scheduled with us will only involve our family. Rebeca and Guillermo (spouses) work together as a team for every house cleaning, while I (Rebeca, the daughter) administer the business behind the scenes. Reviews: